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August 14

Boomer McLennon


Boomer McLennon


“Better than we ever expected! He brought down the house. One of the best shows we’ve had!”
—Country Star American Grill, Hollywood

“This guitar-strummin’ young’un bridges the gap between traditional country and today’s more pop influenced stuff, pulling together influences like (impossible as it may sound) Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks. McLennan’s roots give him extra cred: He perfected his songwriting sitting by a campfire at night, after a hard days work at the cattle ranch. To borrow a phrase from another genre, he’s too legit to quit.”
—EATM, Las Vegas Review Journal

“Boomer is awesome! He rocks! He is going to be huge!”
—Bo Reynolds, KZLA 93.9 FM Radio, Los Angeles

“Boomer is the best entertainer to come through our doors. His impeccable voice seems to caress each note as his energy and emotion draw you in, not only to hear, but also experience each song. He’s one of the few who can keep the audience hanging on each and every word. Way to go, cowboy!”
—Ginny Hicks, Assistant Manager Spanish Springs Ranch

“Fantastic! This man has universal appeal. Vocal excellence, songwriting, integrity, professionalism – it’s all there… Truly a gift to country music!”
—Lomita Chamber of Commerce, Lomita Junction News

“I think he is going to be as big as Garth Brooks! So look out for the name “Boomer McLennan.” He is going to be really big!”
—David B. Smith; WNCL New Country Radio, Europe»

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