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Attending the Concerts

Welcome to the Malaga Cove Summer Concert Series

Greetings fellow concert-goers and welcome back to the Malaga Cove Summer Concert Series! Please sit back and enjoy the music, your friends, and the surrounding beauty! Our Concert Series begins on July 10, 2024. Each Concert begins at 6:30 pm and generally ends at 7:30 pm. Sometimes the crowd stays and the music continues a bit longer. Our goal is to provide a beautiful setting to enjoy music, friends, family, food and libations.

You may bring a blanket to “save a spot”, and you may place your blanket down at any time AFTER 7 A.M. on the day of the concert.

Although the Library is closed during concert hours, the Library Restrooms are OPEN for your use.

Suggestions for an Enjoyable Evening

Chairs – Please use low-back beach chairs everywhere except on the outer edges and far back area – please don’t block others.
Blankets – Please don’t save more room than you need and be cognizant of the fact that we have limited room for sprawling.
Talking – Most people would like to enjoy the music which is difficult if people are chatting loudly or calling to friends or family – please keep conversation to a minimum during the concert as a courtesy to the Artist and fellow audience members.
Safety – Please consider bringing a flashlight, especially toward the latter dates in August – it gets dark early!
Children – Children are welcome to attend. In order to ensure their safety, and enjoyment of all concert-goers, please supervise your children at all times.
Donations – Yes, the concert is free to the public, but there are expenses involved and our intent is to upgrade our sound system for future concerts. Also, in our effort to bring you the best possible talent, sometimes the sponsors’ donations doesn’t quite cover their costs. Please consider a suggested $10 per adult donation to help keep the concerts flourishing – it is strictly voluntary and very much appreciated!

Some No-No’s

Please, for the enjoyment of all, and our continued ability to use the Park, there is to be NO

  • Dogs of any size.
  • Walking on the fountain
  • Throwing of balls or other items near the gallery
  • Running or walking on retaining walls
  • Playing or running through landscape areas or in the Parking lot
  • Smoking in the Park area

Remember to GO GREEN! Please Recycle!

The blue trash cans are for glass and aluminum and the trash boxes are for all other trash.

Our Thanks

This concert is under the auspices of the Malaga Cove Business & Professional Association.

President – Virginia Butler
Vice President – Jere Murray
Treasurer – Les Fishman
Musical Director – Bruce Dalrymple

Our thanks to Virginia and Les for both coordinating the summer concert series and their concert sponsorship.

Our thanks also go out to our loyal sponsors and talented artists who make these magical evenings possible.

Please thank them for their financial support.
Malaga Bank – Major Sponsor
Malaga Cove Homeowners Association – Major Sponsor
Malaga Bank – Evening Sponsor
Malaga Cove Homeowners Association – Evening Sponsor
Malaga Cove Ranch Market – Evening Sponsor
Les Fishman & Virgina Butler, Coldwell Banker – Evening Sponsor
Palos Verdes Estates Foundation – Evening Sponsor
Dave Shaw Concrete and Block – Evening Sponsor
Debbie Richardson & Phil HolmesPosters and Programs Design
Greg Sparkman, Creative Partners Group –
Web Production
The City of PVE – for the use of the park and support from the Parks and Recreation Dept.
Malaga Cove Library
– for use of the facilities and our beautiful setting   Our loyal and supportive Sponsors  
Our Talented Artists – they entertain us and help create magical evenings for our community.

Support Our Wonderful Sponsors